Veritas Vos Liberabit

No. The Truth shall not always set you free. On the contrary, it will wish you had shared it with restraint, diplomacy and sagacity. Perhaps even, guile.

No. The Truth told in gay abandon will make you anything but free. Paradoxically, it will surround you with the very vestiges you had hoped to elude.

And, no. Believe no man or woman who intones that the Truth will release you of your burden. Shared inappropriately it might, dare we say, compound the matter.

The real truth, about the Truth is that it will not only set you free. It will set others free. And therein lies the greatest dilemma one must grapple at the frontline.

It is a wise man or woman who comes to the realization that all be told, there are some truths best kept to oneself.